Published On: Fri, Jan 5th, 2018

‘Star Trek’ Child Actor Jon Paul Steuer, Dead At 33

John Paul Steuer Star Trek Actor Dead at 33

John Paul Steuer known for his work as a child actor in Star Trek: The Next Generation has passed.

The 33-year-old passed away on New Year’s Day. The cause of his death has not been confirmed, according to sources who spoke to Deadline.

In the Star Trek series, Steuer played Alexander Rozhenko, the Klingon son of Worf. His first appearance in the hit show was on the episode, Reunion.

He would later follow it up with an even larger role in ABC sitcom, Grace Under Fire, appearing in 73 episodes. In the show, Steuer played Quentin Kelly, the eldest son of lead character, Grace Kelly. However, he left the show after three seasons.

Two seasons later, the show was scrapped after being plagued by star, Brett Butler’s substance abuse problems.

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‘Star Trek’ Child Actor Jon Paul Steuer, Dead At 33