Published On: Tue, Jan 2nd, 2018

The Year That Was 2017 [Opinion]

New Year's Eve in Times Square.

In many respects, 2017 was a year that can’t enter the dustbin of history quickly enough. It was a year grotesquely-loaded with ample trials and tribulations, particularly within the public sphere. A year composed of angst and despondency, the substance of which we’d rather not revisit in 2018.

I strongly suspect that for many of us, the recent year’s eclipse was a particularly welcomed sight. We eagerly await a new year in which the stressors of yesterday are rendered insignificant. We hope to see the new year bring at least a modicum of long-sought relief. We hope, at a minimum, to capture a glimpse of a world at peace.

We clamor for a return to civility, to mornings in which a simple task such as reading the newspaper doesn’t send a cold shiver up one’s spine. We long for a respite from the horror of war, the brutality of terrorism, and the ugliness of unrestrained hatred.

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The Year That Was 2017 [Opinion]