Published On: Wed, Dec 20th, 2017

President Trump’s economic growth

President Trump at the White House

After a year in office, there are some positives to the Trump administration according to reports. Trump’s numbers are showing improvements in one area – the economy. In a report on Bloomberg by Scott Lanman, Cedric Sam, Vince Golle, Sho Chandra and Katia Dmitrieva on December 20, 2017, titled “Is trump making the economy great again? Kind of” The report asserted that certain aspects of Trump’s America have shown improvements. The article uses various indicators to determine the performance of Trump’s economic policies.

The indicators show that business spending on equipment accelerated in the first three quarters of 2017; this direction in expenditure will increase output in the long run. Manufacturing jobs also improved with factories adding close to 190,000 workers. Forbes also corroborates the report about growth in the economy mentioning the growth in the stock market and GDP in addition to low unemployment rates, the lowest in 17 years according to reports.

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President Trump’s economic growth