Published On: Sun, Apr 30th, 2017

Kristen Stewart Calls ‘Personal Shopper’ Masturbation Scene ‘Sexiest’ Thing

personal shopper kristen stewart masturbation scene

Kristen Stewart’s Personal Shopper has garnered a lot of positive reviews. The much-talked about film has a masturbation scene performed by Twilight actress’s character Maureen.

The French psychological thriller film Olivier Assayas casts Kristen Stewart as Maureen, a personal shopper for a wealthy client. Maureen thinks that she shares a spiritual connection with her dead twin brother, which makes her believe that she is in touch with ghosts.

kristen stewart olivier assayas personal shopper awards
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The applauded film Personal Shopper has a masturbation scene of Kristen Stewart, which according to the actress is the sexiest thing she has done onscreen.

“Literally, Maureen is interacting with something on a phone, and like my heart started racing. Some of the sexiest shit I’ve done onscreen I’m alone! I was like, ‘Oh my god, that is crazy, and that’s what people do all the time. That’s insane! Such massive disconnection, yet you’re just fabricating a wonderful reality. That’s not less real, it’s just perception.”

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Kristen Stewart Calls ‘Personal Shopper’ Masturbation Scene ‘Sexiest’ Thing